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Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, CBD from hemp is now federally legal. This provides huge advantages to farmers in that they can increase their profit without expanding their land. Our High CBD seeds offer exceptional value, with high levels of phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes. You can buy seeds at 1,000 seeds per single quantity unit.

Weight On-Hand 80%

Delta-8 is a component of the hemp plant that is processed into a distillate oil, which isolates just the Delta-8 (component of the plant). Then from there you can make cartridges or other edibles. We sell two different cartridges which is delta-8 mixed with 3% full spectrum terpenes. Delta 8 can be bought as 1 cartridge or 1 edible packaged bag per single quantity unit.

Weight On-Hand 80%

Successful hemp plants rely on high quality genetics, which is why each one of our strains was hand picked for the sole purpose of industrial growth and harvest. Our genetics offer extremely high research, therapeutic and economic value expanding to a great variety of interested industries. Flower is sold at 1oz per single quantity unit.

Weight On-Hand 80%

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“Hemp is Earth’s number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months.”

– Jack Herer

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