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It is newly legal to grow hemp in Louisiana. The USDA approved Louisiana’s Hemp Plan in December 2019, and recently adopted the appropriate regulations. The state initially projected that licensing should begin in time for the 2020 growing season. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Department is currently operating under limited capacity. As such, hemp licensing delays are inevitable. Please contact the Department at or 225-925-4863 regarding pending applications.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Louisiana

Louisiana requires licensing for all those who wish to grow, handle, process, or transport hemp in the state. Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) oversees the state’s hemp program and issues all applicable licenses to program participants. CBD products, on the other hand, fall under the jurisdiction of Louisiana’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

There are four different hemp licenses available in Louisiana: a Grower License, a Processor License, a Seed Producer License, and a Contract Carrier License. There are a few distinct differences between the applications. However, they all require accurate contact information and a clean criminal history. Louisiana requires both state and federal background checks and a fingerprint card to confirm identity. Registrants must submit both the Right to Review Authorization form and the Right to Review Disclosure form with fingerprints for the state background check. Additionally, they must submit a History Summary Checks form for their federal background check.

  • Grower License: Allows licensees to cultivate, transport, and handle hemp regardless of its intended use
  • Processor License: Allows licensees to handle, transport, or process hemp
  • SeedProducer License: Allows licensees to produce, handle, and transport hemp seeds in Louisiana
  • Contact Carrier License: Allows licensees to transport industrial hemp and hemp material.

New applicants can submit hemp licensing registration at any time, whereas renewal applications have an annual deadline of November 30 at 4:30 pm.

Mandatory Reporting in Louisiana

Before buying hemp seeds in Louisiana, one must first submit a Seed Acquisition Request Form. The form must accompany a Certificate of Analysis from the seed vendor proving that the parent is compliant with local hemp laws. The state requests at least two weeks to process the Seed Acquisition Request form. Buying hemp seeds before receiving LDAF approval is prohibited.

Within 15 days after planting the first hemp seed or plant, licensees must submit either a Field Planting Report or a Greenhouse/Indoor Planting Report. The forms include information like location ID, varieties planted, the date of planting, and the intended end-use of the hemp material.

Louisiana Hemp Sampling and Testing

Participants in Louisiana’s hemp program must agree to random crop sampling to determine compliance. They will have unrestricted access during regular business hours during which to inspect seeds, plants, and plant parts. The licensee is not responsible for any fees associated with investigation testing.

Licensees should expect at least one annual random sample to verify compliance of their industrial hemp crops and materials. Growers must submit a Harvest/Destruction Report with ample time for processing before harvest. Note that it is unlawful to harvest or destroy hemp without written approval from the LDAF.

After receiving the report, the LDAF will attempt to contact the licensee to schedule a date and time for sampling. The licensee or designated party must be present during the sampling process. The LDAF will collect a representative sample from each plot or greenhouse to test for THC content. The Department or approved third-party facility will then test the samples using Liquid Chromatography with Ultraviolet  Detection (LC-UV) to determine its post-decarboxylation THC content.

Growers must harvest hemp crops with proven compliance within 15 days after taking samples. If they fail to do so, then an additional test is required along with a fee of $250 per test site.

The Department will issue a Certificate of Analysis for all compliant hemp crops, after which no further action is necessary. Should lab results suggest non-compliance, the licensee can request an additional test within ten days. If a licensee does not request a re-sample within ten days, or if the sample continues to prove non-compliance, then the corresponding hemp plants are to be destroyed.

Hemp Pesticide Law

Anyone who applies pesticides or recommends hemp pesticide use for a fee must be certified to do so. They must also register any pesticide application machinery and pay all applicable fees annually. Learn more about Pesticide Licensing and Certification here.

Buy Louisiana Feminized Hemp Seeds

Louisiana has strick hemp seed requirements. The state does not provide hemp seeds to program participants. It is up to the consumer to ensure that they buy hemp seeds from a reputable distributor with updated COAs and a proven track record of success.

Valhalla Pharms offers compliant feminized CBD seeds that meet Louisiana seed distributor standards. Our boutique quality feminized hemp seeds include valid COAs with every variety. We also offer discounts on bulk orders and consultation services to help Louisiana hemp farmers find everything they need to find a fortune in hemp farming.

To learn more about Louisiana’s Hemp Program, visit their website or contact us to learn how we can help.

LA Seed Producer License Application Download

LA Field Planting Report Download

LA Harvest Destruction Report Download

LA Greenhouse Indoor Planting Report Download

LA Seed Acquisition Request Form Download

LA Right To Review Authorization Download

LA Right To Review Disclosure Download

LA Grower License Application Download

LA Processor License Application Download


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