Feminized seeds are from the female cannabis plant and as such, is a form of hemp. The benefits of feminized seeds are many. The seeds are sterilized and guaranteed to grow into a female plant with high-yields to harvest. This means more resources in the form of seed, fibers, oils etc. With feminized seeds you don’t need to worry about pollination or male plants coming in from outside sources thereby ruining your crop.

Feminized seeds offer renewable solutions and can be grown in wide range of climates as those plants are able to adapt.

-They’re renewable because plants grown from them will always be female

-They’re sustainable because they can be grown in a wide range of climates

-A majority of these seeds will produce a higher percentage of CBD. This is because the female plants produce more CBD than their male counterparts. It’s important to note that these high-CBD percentages cannot be achieved when using traditional seed harvesting methods, which is why feminized seeds are the key to success.

We are a company specializing in selling feminized CBD seeds. Our genetics come from the highest quality hemp with a high CBD percentage and low THC. Our seeds have been proven to grow into strong hemp plants with higher yields and consistently higher CBD concentrations.