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A hemp farmer who has chosen to grow hemp as their cash crop has done so because of the lucrative profit opportunity available to those in the know. Hemp farmers typically grow female CBD-rich hemp plants outdoors on large acreage. Their plants produce large colas (tightly bunched flower formations) that are full of CBD, a compound belonging to the family of Cannabinoids that naturally occur in the Cannabis plant. 

The CBD found in the flowers can then be extracted and sold at very favorable prices to independent companies, pharmaceutical companies, existing brands, etc., who in turn create products — many different types of products — from health and beauty products, to dog treats, pet foods, lotions, drinks, candy, and more. They are able to create a substantial stream of revenue with incredible profit margins. 

Many of our Valhalla Pharms partnerships are with vertically integrated farms, which means they own their entire CBD-supply chain. They produce their own hemp, they process their biomass in labs that they own, and they private label their own products distributing them at the wholesale level as well as direct to consumer sometimes through their own eCommerce websites. This undoubtedly is the most robust way to capitalize on the enormous global hemp market which is projected to reach $26.6 Billion by 2025  

The simple answer is because it is on its way to becoming the number one cash crop in the world in the short time since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Notice the influx of hemp derived CBD products showing up everywhere; in your supermarket, at gas stations, online, on your social media feeds — this industry has exploded and for great reason too — CBD is not a gimmick, it’s here to stay! 

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn recently made headlines at the NASDA (National Association of State Departments of Agriculture) conference when he said there is “significant public interest” in CBD, and that “We know one thing, the American people are using CBD products.” Full speech HERE

Farmers who have existing infrastructure and experience in farming crops such as corn, wheat, and even fruit are finding themselves at a crossroad.  The crops they’ve depended on in the past just aren’t bringing in the income they need to survive, so they are looking for alternatives. Most of these farmers inherently turn to hemp as a rotation crop within their business model. Once they experience it — they ultimately end up turning exclusively to hemp to produce CBD-rich biomass as they see the prospects of this untapped growth potential. 

At least 48 states have enacted legislation to establish hemp production programs or allow hemp for cultivation research, so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. There are also many countries that are taking the same path as the U.S. The USDA is a great resource to learn more about it. 

In most of the states that have established hemp pilot programs, the number of hemp grower licenses applied for has nearly tripled from the previous year. And the number of acres of hemp planted in the United States has also tripled.  This is despite the COVID-19 pandemic that has proliferated worldwide. 

Regular Seeds are non-feminized, which also means non-auto flowering. They require a change in the light period to begin producing flowers.  The biggest problem you can expect is a 50/50 mix of male and females.  This means that you will need to remove the males from your fields before they pollinate your females.  Pollinated females produce lower quality buds that are ultimately full of seeds. As a hemp farmer, you do not want your hemp flowers full of seeds, they are basically useless.  

Contrarily feminized seeds will grow plants that produce large buds, also known as flowers. Here at Valhalla Pharms we average an industry leading 99.97% female ratio, which means you might find one phenotypical male plant for every 4,000-5,000 female plants you grow from our seeds.

Our germination rates are an industry leading 99.8% which can always be validated by our third-party test results upon request.  We take great pride in our data and we are happy to share it with you as our future partner to help you make this important investment decision. 

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