Our Recommendations for Anyone Involved in the Hemp Industry

We’ve compiled a list of some fantastic resources that may help clarify some of the questions you might have regarding the hemp industry and hemp-derived CBD. Some resources found in this list are our strategic partners and others are simply informational. Click on any of the topics below that interest you to learn more. 

2018 FARM BILL – straight forward information direct from the USDA regarding federal industrial hemp laws.  A must read for anyone involved in our industry! 

CROP INSURANCE – What was once thought to be an impossibility is now a reality. You can insure hemp crops. This is our top pick for you to protect what may very well be the most valuable crop you’ve ever planted. 

INDUSTRIAL HEMP – I’ve heard a lot about it, but what does it actually mean to grow industrial hemp and how can I get involved now? 
SEED TESTING – I’ve heard a lot about “third party testing,” but what does that entail?  How do I know whether or not the testing lab is credible enough to ensure the genetics of the seeds I’m buying are tangible?

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